Happy employees are good employees

People are people, not machines. Yet it’s still common for companies to lose perspective of the human factor and focus solely on the technical skills of employees. However, this approach will leave them disengaged, because only happy employees are capable employees. To help our clients create an engaged staff, we focus on the full employee lifecycle as the centerpiece of our consulting work.

Foundation and Growth

"Shit in, shit out" is a major rule in programming. While our general attitude here at Lisantix is a tad more positive, we share the underlying attitude: The success of a company depends on its people.

Innovation und Culture

95 percent of all applicants value soft factors like the culture and core values of a company more so than a big salary or a car allowance. Do we have to say more?

Learn and Educate

Our world of work is rapidly changing, which can either be threatening or an exciting opportunity for something greater. We believe it’s an exciting opportunity and are happy to help you navigate this change!

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