A solid foundation is key
when aiming high


Process Design and Implementation

Freshly founded companies have a lot on their agenda. Building a stable framework for their HR-processes is seldom one of them: A lack of resources and know-how in the early stages make it often impossible to develop basic procedures and implement them alongside the daily business. We understand that it’s hard to make this a priority, this is a high opportunity cost. As once funding is secured and scaling becomes urgent, core processes like recruiting, onboarding or payroll accounting need to be well implemented in order to prevent chaos. With more staff, this takes more resources. Lisantix helps in building these processes while our inclusive and coaching approach ensures that our customers grow into their own facilitators and experts.


The right people in the right roles is key to a company's success. Often in the early stages of building, a lack of resources and experience makes it difficult to interview and evaluate C-levels and Co-Founders with clarity and insight. Unfortunately, this leads to the all too common mistake of incorrect hires for C-level-positions. A capable CTO needs more than ingenious programming skills, the ability to lead is just as important. We help you in finding the right executives for the job, take care of the C-level-interviewing and assist you in the final assessment.


Onboarding Experience

If a new colleague’s first day at work feels like a blind date, then something’s gone wrong. This applies for both sides. Here at Lisantix we know how important the first steps of your new employees are, which is why we assist companies in welcoming their new arrivals with confidence. We will help to design a complete onboarding process, choose and implement the applicable software, and offer support with challenging relocation cases. Onboarding is an important step of turning a good candidate experience into an even better employee experience.


HR-Due-Diligence and HR-Auditing

There are a ton of promising start-ups with fascinating business ideas out there - but how can we know if it’s all just warm words behind a false front? Business figures are important, but just as important are the people in the background. Thanks to our extensive experience in building organizations, we know about the competences and dynamics a founding team needs to make a venture fly. We analyze the current structures, evaluate team efficiency, scan the basic processes for scalability and sustainability.

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