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HR Process Design

The efficient and effective internal processes are key to a successful HR-department. This includes far more than the standardized payroll accounting of former times. Contemporary personnel managers need to know the ropes of human resources. Processes like on- and offboarding, employee performance and engagement, retention management and recruiting are essentials that must be mastered. We help with the implementation of individually aligned processes and assist with the optimization of your company's workflow.

HR Software Selection

We all know that trying to screw a nail into a wall is a bad idea. The same can be considered when handling HR-software: You need the right tools to master these important tasks efficiently and well. Therefore Lisantix develops a requirements analysis in cooperation with our clients, to then test the chosen software and manage a transparent decision-making process. Afterwards we will gladly assist with implementing and customizing the selected tools - because we know how scarce resources can be while you’re building your operation.


Personnel development in times of digital transformation

Digitalization forces us to rethink how we work, no matter if we want to or not. Lisantix wants to! We are happy to share and teach the competences needed to steer the digital change. Together with our clients we find out where support is most needed and create tailored trainings and seminars, for single employees and executives as well as entire organizations. As we know the importance of having everyone engaged, so we coach at all stakeholder levels. In order to establish a long-lasting and efficient personnel development program we also help with process-design and all other technical challenges.

Winning the "War for Talents"

Although the same-titled book is already a modern classic, the "War for Talents" has also been waging in Germany for quite some years now. Many employers are surprised that skilled personnel is so hard to hire. With prudence, and a good talent management strategy, new skills and competences for your employees can be incorporated as soon as possible and affront the "War for Talents" through effective reskilling and upskilling. This is where Lisantix steps in: We analyze our customers' individual needs and compile a talent management strategy based on these needs. It is our goal to make sure that the right employees get the right jobs to do their best work.

War of Talents
Top Arbeitgeber

Top talents go where top employers are

If 95 percent of all applicants choose an employer based on the company's culture. This means it’s incredibly important that the company culture is branded effectively. Few things are more attractive to an employee, than the certainty of being in good hands. We help our clients to be exactly the employer everyone wants to work with, and we help with communicating that fact so everyone knows. In short: If you want top talent you need to be the best in convincing them.

Scaling up is not a sprint, it’s a marathon

The funding is in the bank, now it’s time to push the growth button. Before you do, be smart and strategic. Planning and finding the right pace is essential in preventing growing pains. We have seen far too many companies surge from 4 to 400 employees in no time, just to descend into chaos and oblivion shortly after. With developing an individual growth strategy and laying the foundations for a professional implementation we make sure to prevent the worst case scenario.


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