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Joint exchange in the free meet-up format

Together with external experts and partners, we regularly organize free meet-ups on current topics such as onboarding, leadership in the digital age or employee retention. Subsequent networking with snacks and drinks round off the evening. Stay up to date and get informed and register for our current events. We are looking forward to the personal exchange.


Workshops - The essentials in brief

How do I conduct good interviews? What is the mark of a healthy company culture? How can I create an innovative work environment and lead agile teams? In our two-six hour long workshops and seminars we cover the HR topics that we most frequently encounter in our daily work, to find excellent answers for complex issues. Our most compact format is mainly designed for internal company's use and individually tailored to our client’s needs, but due to high demand we offer open courses from time to time. Stay tuned!

Masterclasses - A topic deep dive

The overwhelming success of our workshops took us by surprise and showed us that there is a huge need to master the challenges of modern HR. We developed a format to dive deeper into the topics of our basic seminars to elevate your gain of knowledge to a new level: our masterclasses. In one and a half days we highlight essential topics like behavior-based interviews or impart founders with the ability to assemble a core team that is one of a kind. Our design-thinking approach and the change of perspective that goes along with it unwinds inflexible learning patterns.

HR Weekender

HR Weekender - Three days of pure HR

Sometimes a weekend is all that’s needed to change everything. It’s great that we have such a weekend at hand! In our HR-weekenders we talk for three consecutive days about everything that matters in our field for long term success. We believe in the advantages of a positive atmosphere to allow for our best learning, and to create this, we will host our weekenders out in the countryside. While we offer some open courses every year, we specialize in giving the weekender to whole teams in order to focus on the special needs of founders, C-levels or whole HR-teams even better.

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